Want that career upgrade? Join us and see the difference.

Learn skills that are in-demand by the industry today. We offer trainings in Cisco Networking, Red Hat Linux Trainings, Web Development, Android and IOS programming, that will surely jump-start your career!

Networking Trainings

We offer one of the Philippines' Best trainings in Cisco CCNA and CCNP. We also offer an introductory Network workshop - Implementing Small Office Networks training. Our CCNA and Implementing Small Office Networks Training are pre-designed for participants with no network background.

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Red Hat Linux Trainings

We offer Basic to Advanced Linux System Administration and Network Administration Trainings. We use all CLI - no GUI for this training. Learn how to install and administer a Linux system from scratch. No pre-knowledge needed. Those with zero knowledge are encouraged to enroll!

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Android, IOS, Web Development, and Graphics Design Trainings

Learn the hottest skills that are in-demand in the industry today. We offer Android and IOS app development from Basic to Advanced. We also have PHP/MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Trainings.

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Why Choose Us?

There are many Training Centers in the Philippines that offers the same trainings we have. What sets us apart from everyone else?

Established in 2010, MNet IT is the most aggressive and proactive competitor in the Philippines' IT Training Industry..

From our humble beginnings starting at a small apartment room in Manila, surely great feedbacks travel a long way for us - a few years since we started, we are relentlessly expanding to cater to the needs of our ever growing number of training participants - most of which are referred back to us by our satisfied former students.

So far, we can claim that we have the most complete, best quality teaching, with the most affordable training fee in the industry today.

Check our feedbacks, and see the difference!


Unlike other training centers,that require you to have previous knowledge prior to attending the training so you can follow the discussion, our trainings are specifically designed for people with zero knowledge on courses being offered. (Except for Advanced Classes.)


We make our own training manuals (not just photocopies of textbooks!) that will help you on the duration of the training and certification process itself, and will also serve as your "real world cheat-sheet" to help administer, setup, and troubleshoot real world issues in your office. That's what training is for? right?


Oh yeah, it's the age of the simulators! But is that what you paid for? You need to know how to configure equipments in the flesh, to cable it yourself.Here, we make sure that each student has their own laboratory kit that we use in all the lab exercises.


We don't limit ourselves to only what we teach, learn tools of the trade, that will help you do your day-to-day jobs with ease. Take home not just the training manual, but a lot of other learning materials with you. And we give it for free!


Already attended the training but was too busy to take the certification exam? Or are you preparing for a job interview and you want to refresh yourself with the concepts discussed in the training? Give us a call and schedule a sit-in!

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